Commercial Services

Aerial Photos & Video

Aerial photos and video curated to showcase your commercial property and surround area

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Commercial Photos

Photos professionally shot and edited to our exacting standards will make your listing stand out

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Commercial Dusk

Add vibrance and show the character of your listing with our industry leading dusk photos

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Aerial Photos & video

Aerial Photos
Commercial Property

Commercial aerial photos are perfect for marketing your commercial property for sale or rent on both the web and in print brochures. Photos are taken at multiple angles and elevations from 5′ to 400′ (FAA permitting). These photos are taken in a style that will emphasize both the property and location, capturing surrounding high-traffic areas, supporting businesses, and relevant attractions. Elevate your property listing with a comprehensive shoot that includes ground photos highlighting the interior and exterior of your space. Boost your real estate marketing strategy with our expertise in aerial photography for real estate.

Aerial Video with Aerial Photos
Commercial Property

High definition aerial video showing your commercial property and the surrounding area from multiple perspectives. Sweeping shots from elevations up to 400′ (FAA permitting) will impress upon viewers the value of both the property and it’s location. Includes a 1-2+ minute video set to music. You’ll also get 30+ edited photos in both MLS (web) and print media quality.

Ground Photos

Commercial Ground Photos

Our Commercial Ground Photos continue to set the standard of excellence in real estate photography. Shot by our highly trained photographers and perfected by our world class editing team; we consistently deliver outstanding quality with every project. Commercial Real Estate Photos emphasize not only your property, but the surrounding area to the extent possible. Photos are delivered in both MLS (web optimized) and Print quality for use in your brochures and flyers.

Dusk Photos

Commercial Dusk Photos

Photos captured at ground level showing your commercial property and surrounding area from multiple angles and vantage points. Dusk photos will make your listing stand out by adding the vibrance lit windows and colorful dusk skies. Photos are delivered in both MLS (web optimized) and Print quality for use in your brochures and flyers.

Commercial Photography Services in Minneapolis

When it comes to capturing the perfect shot, there is no substitute for working with a professional commercial photographer. A professional commercial photographer brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table that can make all the difference in producing high-quality images.

Working with Skydefinition’s professional commercial photographer can ensure that the photos are taken correctly and that we capture the desired mood, setting, or message. Our Professional commercial photographers know how to use lighting, props, and other techniques to create the perfect shot. We can also advise on getting the best shots from any location or situation as we provide the best commercial photography services Minnesota. 

Skydefinition is a professional commercial photography company based in Minneapolis. Our team of experienced photographers specializes in capturing unique and captivating images to promote your business or organization.

Whether you are looking for a new portfolio of images or need photos for your website, Skydefinition has the expertise and creativity to create perfect images.