Please Review Our Service Area Before Booking. 

Will Your Shoot Include Drone?

Please use verify the flight ceiling at your property address prior to booking. The FAA sets reduced flight ceilings surrounding airports and national parks. We are unable to fly in ‘no fly zones’ and are limited to the flight ceiling defined by the FAA.

Inclement Weather – Sky Definition will determine if the weather will negatively impact our ability to provide a top-quality product. We will make recommendations on schedule changes and work with you to reschedule at no charge.

Cancelations and Rescheduling – There is no charge for cancelations or rescheduling up to 24 hours before the shoot. If a shoot is canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the current scheduled time or if the photographer is unable to gain access to the property at the scheduled time, a $110 cancelation fee will apply.

Service Area & Mileage Surcharge – Please refer to the mileage map to determine if your property is within an added mileage zone. If your shoot is within the added mileage zone, please include the appropriate amount in your order. Call us before scheduling to ensure we can coordinate the added drive time into our schedule on your preferred day & time.

Don’t See the Day or Time You Need?  Give Us a Call – We May be Able to Sneak You In!